-50% on Emma mattresses for a peaceful sleep (and save XXL money)

There is no time to waste with Emma. The bedding brand is already revealing its Black Friday deals. And there is no question of discounting only the least attractive products in your catalog: Emma even sacrifices the prices of her bestsellers up to -50%.

Already before the traditional Black Friday, which this year is scheduled for November 24, you will be able to make incredible savings at Emma. The bedding brand is once again pitting its competitors against each other. While she is already offering prices are two to three times more expensive from traditional brands, the prices of Emma products are simply cheeky on the occasion of Black Friday.

I’m taking advantage of Black Friday at Emma’s

Emma’s top quality mattresses at discounted prices

Although she sells her mattresses at outrageous prices, Emma has quality. The brand does not burden itself with fixed costs, opting for products that are only sold online. Therefore, Emma can afford lower prices than its competitors.

The only problem”? You can’t try the mattress of your dreams. But in any case, tests in physical stores are nowhere near enough to get a true picture of the quality of the mattress. So, Emma gives you a 100 night trial so you can judge long term. In case of dissatisfaction, Emma will reimburse you immediately, and you can return your mattress for free..

Today, Emma is a key player in the bedding market. As of 2021, the Emma Hybrid II mattress is a mattress number 1 in sales Emme is not without reason.

Chosen several times as the product of the year, the Emma Hybrid II mattress is in a higher league and has no reason to be ashamed of its many technologies worthy of the top mattresses on the market. Comfort and breathability are present, especially thanks to the presence of five layers. There is even a layer of memory foam so you can sleep in the best conditions.

Hybrid II © Emma

For ideal pressure distribution, isolating your partner’s movements (we know how uncomfortable that can be) and guaranteeing optimized breathability, the Emma Hybrid II mattress uses Edge-to-Edge spring technology. Comfort, falling asleep faster, real joint protection, sleeping at the right temperature… The Emma Hybrid II mattress is definitely a gem. During this early Black Friday, model 140 x 1990 cm costs only 599.40 euros instead of 999 euros.

I’m taking advantage of Black Friday at Emma’s

If you’re looking for a model that’s just as efficient, but not necessarily superior, the Emma Original mattress should satisfy you. Its four layers and three special foams, including one with shape memory, have convinced many sleepers across France. Yes, it is no coincidence that the Emma Original mattress is the best-selling mattress in all of France. With a thickness of 25 centimeters, you will be able to sleep peacefully.

Emma Original
Emma Source © Emma

Even Emma’s bestseller was sacrificed for Black Friday. Until November 27 the excellent Emma Original mattress (140 x 190 cm) is yours for only 399.20 euros instead of 499 euros. It would be sad to be deprived of it. Whether you want to change your bedding or you’ve just moved in, now is the time to invest.

Warranty 10 years, Emma mattresses will accompany you for a long time. In this way, you will be able to amortize this investment to a large extent. Remember that Emma lets you do that payment in installments without commission to relieve your budget. Even better ? Delivery is free.

I’m taking advantage of Black Friday at Emma’s

Why not change EVERYTHING for Black Friday?

Even if you are not moving in, it may be a good idea to change all the bedding at the same time. Really, a good mattress is not enough to guarantee you a great restful sleep. Pillows, duvets and springs are important for better sleep. By changing all the sheets at the same time, you will avoid premature deterioration of the sheets and improve your sleep.

During Black Friday, Emma is giving you the chance to change all your bedding with a new bundle offer. To make you kill two birds with one stone, the Emma Nuits de Rêve package (140 x 190 cm) costs only 1017 euros instead of 2034 euros to be one 50% savings on the original price. Complete set includes Hybrid II mattress, two Original Premium pillows, Emma Select bed, mattress protector and Nuage winter duvet. It’s hard to be more complete!

I’m taking advantage of Black Friday at Emma’s

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