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What is Single Day?

Single Day or Double 11 is now! If you don’t know about this day, please know that Double 11 is a Singles Day ceremony in China, which is held on November 11 (a national holiday here). On this very special day, young people have fun organizing bachelor parties, and many decide to declare their love or propose to girls.

On the other hand, Singles Day is also known as the biggest online promotional event held worldwide, with sales figures higher than Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday combined!

Whether you’re single or married, rich or poor, living in China or not, Single Day is for everyone, anywhere, because it’s all happening online! Here’s our selection of crazy deals from the event with unprecedented discounts!

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Here is a selection of the best deals

Here are the best one-day deals on Aliexpress valid on November 11th from exactly 9:00 AM, as well as the corresponding codes! Don’t waste time shopping, stocks are limited.

Now you can make your list and add products to your basket so you don’t miss out on the offer on the big day.

Coupons are valid for all customers on the entire AliExpress site from November 11 at 9:00 a.m. to November 18 at 9:00 a.m. (Paris)

  • JDG08 – €8 off a €50 purchase (exclusive code)
  • FR15 – €15 discount on a €100 purchase
  • FR30 -€30 discount on a €200 purchase
  • JDG40 -€40 off a €250 purchase (exclusive code)
  • FR50 -€50 off a €300 purchase
  • FR100 – €100 off a €500 purchase
  • D11FR08 -€8 discount on a €50 purchase
  • D11FR40 -€40 off a €250 purchase

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Other not-to-be-missed coupons that can be combined

  • -€4 for every €20 spent
  • -€8 for every €40 spent
  • -€12 for every €60 spent
  • -€16 for every €80 spent

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One day AliExpress: JDG Live You Can’t Miss!

Join us on November 13 at 18:30, we will introduce you to the best technology products and allow you to take advantage of new Aliexpress offers on the occasion of this unique day. You will even be able to try to win 5000 euros in gifts, pure madness!

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One day AliExpress : fast delivery and VAT included

For this new edition of the 11.11 Festival, Aliexpress has announced the implementation of new logistics solutions, in partnership with Cainia, Alibaba’s logistics subsidiary. As this unique day approaches, the platform guarantees a smooth shopping experience to all its users thanks to delivery that is both fast and efficient, i.e. 10 days for all cross-border deliveries or 3 days for local deliveries. AliExpress even undertakes to compensate its customers in the event of delays in orders shipped from selected warehouses located in China and overseas warehouses managed by Cainiao!

This is why Cainiao is launching parcel sorting centers in France for the first time, as well as in Spain, Germany and Italy, from which AliExpress customers will be the first to benefit. The subsidiary already operates local warehouses near Paris, Madrid, Bremen and Rome and has just equipped the first three with automatic sorting machines, manufactured by European companies. The four centers currently have a combined sorting capacity of around half a million packages per day.

Packages will be delivered to the centers by trucks from the Cainiao warehouse in Liège or from neighboring airports, and then sorted according to their final destination. When they are ready to go, they will be transported by smaller trucks to their destinations for so-called “last mile” delivery.

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Note that since 2020, AliExpress and Cainiao have also set up many overseas warehouses to improve the capacity and efficiency of cross-border logistics networks. Thanks to these warehouses, local delivery in France can now be made within 3 days. Chartered flights have also increased to an average of 80 per week, reducing delivery times to 10 working days for the vast majority of cross-border orders.

At the dawn of the 11/11 festival, AliExpress is launching an accuracy guarantee system in France as well as in Spain. The principle? AliExpress undertakes to compensate each order with coupons worth $1 in case of late delivery. This service will be applicable to all orders shipped from select warehouses in China as well as overseas warehouses operated by Cainiao.

Discover Aliexpress offers

As of April 2020, global sales of tablets, electric scooters, connected watches, televisions and mobile phones have grown significantly across AliExpress, more than double for electric scooters and bicycles. These products are likely to continue to benefit from their success over the course of a day and are sure to be among the star products sold during the event. As for large products, such as furniture, for which AliExpress also notices increased interest, improved cross-border logistics. Now, with just one click and at affordable prices, heavy items like beds or even motorcycles can be transported to foreign retailers!

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