Along with Single Day, these 3 Roborock robot vacuum cleaners are gems

For Single Day, AliExpress pulls out all the stops. During the official launch of his special operation, he took the veil off the exceptional offers. This year, all the biggest brands are here to let you find the best sellers at low prices. Among the best deals still available are several robot vacuums, including the Roborock S8.

On AliExpress, Roborock S8 is currently priced at 470 euros instead of 699 euros with code FR100. One of the newest and most popular models on offer to date, it’s crazy to see that you can save -25% as part of Single Day.

Other robot vacuums from the brand are also available at great prices for this special event, here are the details.

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This edition of Single Day takes place from November 11 to 17, 2023 on AliExpress. If you have a week to do business, several businesses are already gone. After all, the special event is focused on selling quickly, which means that stock is limited by time and available stock. Since the pace of the event is very fast, we expect the Roborock S8 and other robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand to disappear by the end of the day at the latest.

You don’t have to clean the floors anymore, the Roborock S8 will take care of everything

Roborock S8 is a robot vacuum cleaner that the manufacturer launched in 2023. It is the standard version of this new range, which allowed it to climb the bestseller list in a short time after its release. Like the other versions, this model connects to your home WiFi so you can control it directly from the mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS.

With the mobile application you will find all the detailed plans of the rooms in your house. From then on, you can define the rooms that the Roborock S8 has to go to if you don’t want it to clean everywhere. More generally, it is also possible to create personalized programs with time and space. In this case, the device can only work when you are away so that everything is clean when you return, for example.

From a technical point of view, the Roborock S8 is based on a suction power of 6000 Pa. The latter is effective so that the robot vacuum cleaner captures all the dust present on the ground, which also applies to hair, animals or hair of course. In addition to working on parquet, tiles and more, its Carpet Boost+ mode makes it very useful on carpets or rugs. It removes all the dirt even in the corners without forgetting the spaces thanks to numerous sensors.

I’m using the Roborock S8 offer

One of the undeniable qualities of the Roborock S8 is the mop. It works in conjunction with sensors to raise itself as soon as it reaches carpets to avoid getting them wet. Otherwise, the system fishes the floor up to 3000 times per minute, and then leaves the surface dry in the blink of an eye. The water tank has a volume of 300 mL, which represents a cleaning surface of 200 m2 in one pass. By the way, also keep in mind that the autonomy of this robot vacuum cleaner is approximately 3 hours.

Why choose this robot vacuum cleaner on AliExpress?

The Roborock S8 works well on all levels, it’s a 2-in-1 device with a vacuum cleaner on one side and a mop on the other. It offers significant time and energy savings on a daily basis because you simply don’t have to clean the floors at home anymore. Efficient, the device is an investment that pays back in the blink of an eye. Robotic vacuum cleaners of the brand are known for their robustness, this model will be effective for several years without making a mistake in its task.

If you want a chance to order the Roborock S8 at a low price, you need to act now. And for good reason, stock shortages on AliExpress have multiplied since the beginning of the business, the best nuggets are the ones that go the fastest… It’s an understatement to say that this robot vacuum cleaner is one of them. One day a special operation is open to all, we can only recommend that you act as fast as possible to close this deal before it’s too late.

In addition, Roborock S8 and other models presented on AliExpress are delivered free of charge and without waiting. This bestseller arrives directly from the warehouse in France within approximately 3 days. If necessary, please note that it is possible to make a refund up to 14 days after receipt, the procedure is free and then the refund is complete.

All models have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Do not wait any longer to choose the Roborock S8 or its analogues on AliExpress, it is the perfect opportunity to free yourself from daily cleaning.

Roborock vacuum cleaners are in the spotlight with these quick deals on AliExpress, click here:

I’m using the Roborock S8 offer

I use the offer on Roborock S7 Max Ultra

I use the offer on Roborock Q7 Max

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