damage estimated at 1.3 billion euros

l’one of the biggest financial reports in storm history. According to the estimate of France Insurers, published on Monday, November 13 Ciaran storms (on the night of 1this one until November 2) i Domingos (in the one from November 5 to 6) caused 1.3 billion euros in damage. “Out recent floods in the Pas-de-Calais and Nord departments,” “the bad weather caused a total of 517,000 losses” and “a total cost of 1.3 billion euros,” according to the press release.

“Ciaran and Domingos are already ranked as the 5th most destructive storms in mainland France,” explains France Assureurs. Lothar and Martin, which hit France at the end of December 1999, were by far the most destructive: 92 people died, and the damage cost insurers 7 billion euros at the time, or the equivalent of 13.8 billion euros today, accounting for inflation, according to France Assureurs. Then came Daria, Herta and Vivian in 1990 (3.4 billion in current euros), Klaus and Quinten in 2009 (2.6 billion) and Xynthia in 2010 (2.0 billion).

Victims can report until 1this one December

In recent times, damage from storm alex, which devastated the hinterland of Nice and Menton on October 2, 2020, were estimated at at least one billion euros. For hurricane Irmawhich hit the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy in September 2017, the total damage was estimated at 3 billion euros, including 1.9 for insured property.

For Ciaran and Domingos, “91% of the losses relate to private homes, 5% to professional, agricultural and local authority property and finally 4% to cars”, specifies the sector federation. Of the €1.3 billion in damage, “84% relates to private homes, 12% to professional, agricultural and local government property and 4% to cars”.

The deadline for declaring a natural disaster is, as a rule, five days, and ten days if the state of natural disaster is recognized by an order published in the Official Gazette. But the insurers have committed to extend that deadline until December 1.

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