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As Black Friday prepares, Singles Day is at its peak on AliExpress. This year, the online retailer is highlighting a special event from November 11 to 17. With the event well underway, several products are already out of stock due to lack of available stock, but you can still find some truly great deals this Tuesday if you’re quick.

To help you save time over the course of a day, we’ve put together a selection of flash sales available on AliExpress. Like Black Friday, it’s a fast-moving operation. In this way, you have an overview of all offers that really pay off in technical references. Here is our list of real-time offers.

Check out the deals on AliExpress

If Singles Day ends on November 17th and it’s still Tuesday the 14th, it’s highly likely that the vast majority of deals will end before the official date. In fact, unlike Amazon during Black Friday, AliExpress shares all its offers at the same time when launching a special operation and then does not offer restocking on most of its references. The opportunity to save money is therefore presented once, not twice, during this month of November.

Where does Single Day come from?

Single Day has its roots in the creation of Singles Day. For more than twenty years, it has been celebrated every year on the occasion of 11/11, and the series of numbers “1” indicates the status of a single person. It was Alibaba, the owner of the shopping site AliExpress, that used this Asian holiday to make it a special operation.

In the same way as Black Friday, Singles Day in its beginnings lasted for one day and then extended to several days. This gives the public a little more time to find deals online. Like Amazon, AliExpress decided to conquer other territories to reach Europe and France. Thus, its manifestation has been held in France since 2017.

While there are several similarities between Black Friday and Singles Day, there is one glaring difference. Indeed, the first special event takes place on Amazon, but it also takes place among many online retailers as well as the brands themselves. In comparison, AliExpress is the only one that participates in the second special operation, it is absent in other colleagues.

Check out the deals on AliExpress

Over the years, Singles Day has far surpassed Black Friday to claim the title of the largest e-commerce site in the world. During this operation, AliExpress achieved a turnover of more than 80 billion dollars, while Amazon is satisfied with 6 billion euros of turnover in France… for the whole year. Without a doubt, the special event has grown a lot, so it is a pleasure to see it again and again every year in the country.

Super quick one day sales

In terms of how Single Day works, it’s similar to Black Friday in that it focuses on a selection of great deals. During this period, AliExpress highlights offers targeting top sellers as well as the newest products. This allows it to be significantly more attractive than sales, this operation is starting to become a bit outdated in France as it only applies to unsold items and end of stock.

For one day, AliExpress offers the best prices of the year on Asian brands. Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, Poco, Roborock… A large selection of references from these manufacturers is accompanied by an exceptional discount. With Speed ​​it is still possible to save -30% or -40% on a smartphone, tablet, robot vacuum cleaner and many other equally relevant technical items.

All deals discovered by AliExpress in one day are flash sales. They live up to their name very well, because their calling is to appear and then immediately disappear. All these deals have great potential, precisely because they relate to bestsellers or recently available products. On the other hand, most of the time only a few hundred units per product are available.

Check out the deals on AliExpress

Consequently, the public jumps on it and jobs sometimes disappear within hours of a day. We saw this this weekend after launching a special operation on AliExpress. As the week goes on, stock shortages will increase at online retailers. Therefore, once again we recommend that you be quick as soon as you like the article.

Benefits included in AliExpress

To attract the French public with Single Day, AliExpress implemented an effective strategy. First, there is the fact that the event focuses on premium selection, both in the selection of cheap products and in the amount of discounts that are placed online. On the other hand, the retailer has improved its ecommerce site to display impeccable quality, which is true for the use of the platform as well as for the catalog of products that come with VAT included and an EU guarantee.

Whether it’s a day or not, AliExpress always maintains the same level of convenience. The manufacturer’s warranty is always the same as with the official brands of the online retailer, i.e. two years for the smartphone. Likewise, you always have the right to return an item without charge or proof within 14 days of receiving your order to receive a full refund for the product.

With AliExpress, the vast majority of products are shipped from France, which guarantees fast and free shipping. You usually get your order in less than a week depending on the reference, which is more than convincing when ordering online.

To discover all the offers for one day, click here:

Check out the deals on AliExpress

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