The CGT is no longer the king of the trade unions

Mini-earthquake in EDF. Employees are invited to the elections from 6 to 13 November to elect their headquarters representatives. According to our information, the CGT, the leading union organization within the company since 1946, has lost its crown to the CFE-CGC. The latter won the election with 33.08% of the vote, compared to 30.31% for the Montreuil branch. Followed by CFDT (17.45%), Force Ouvrière (15.5%), Unsa Energie (2.07%).
CFE-CGC gained 4.48 points compared to the previous elections held in 2019, while CGT lost 3.86 points.

Soon fewer CGT representatives in employee organizations

This result signals the loss of CGT’s internal influenceEDF, started a good decade ago. See the fall: 2007. Friends of Sophie Binet collected 46.5%; 42% in 2010; In 2013, 37.5% and so until the end of his all-powerful reign. Note that this decline largely benefited CFE-CGC, the executives’ preferred organization. It also reflects a demographic change within EDF, with more and more executives.

A direct consequence of this change of king: by 2027, the CGT will occupy fewer positions within employee representative organizations, will lose activist positions within social organizations, and above all will less direct internal social debates about working conditions, organizational development, or even safety rules.

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