the government is “studying” expanding them to buy food

LMinister of Economy, Bruno Le Mairesaid on Tuesday that he was “inclined” to extend the possibility of use beyond 2023. meal vouchers to buy all food products, saying they are “studying” how to do it.

“I am in favor of extending this provision beyond December 31, 2023, which allows the use of restaurant vouchers to purchase food products,” Bruno Le Maire said before the Senate Economic Affairs Committee.

Several members of parliament and numerous users have expressed their concern in recent days about the restrictions on the use of these titles, which were supposed to come into force on 1this one January 2024

“If inflation is falling sharply and if (…) we have come out of the inflationary crisis, the increase in food prices remains very difficult for millions of our compatriots,” said Bruno Le Maire.

“We need a legal provision”

From August 2022, the use of meal coupons has been extended to all food products, even if they are not for direct consumption without cooking or preparation (flour, pasta, rice, eggs, fish, meat, etc.). But this exemption should have ended on 1this one January 2024

“Is that easy to do?” ยป asked Bruno Le Maire about the possible extension of the exemption. “No, because we need a legal provision,” he pointed out. “We are currently studying legislative options that would allow for the extension of this right of use beyond December 31, 2023,” he continued.

“While I’m talking to you, I don’t have a legal solution. I’m telling you very simply, but I’m in favor of that extension,” insisted the number two in the Government. Until the exemption, only meals, ready-made meals, prepared salads, sandwiches (served on site or to take away) and fruits and vegetables or dairy products were paid for with meal vouchers.

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