The state and EDF agree on the price of nuclear electricity

Lat the end of long negotiations. This Tuesday, November 14, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maireannounced the conclusion of an agreement between the State and EDF. The two players reached an agreement guaranteeing the average cost of nuclear electricity. According to the tenant Bercy, it will be installed “around 70 euros” per megawatt hour. “With this contract, we managed to find a vital balance between the competitiveness of our industry, visibility, stability for households and developmentEDF », commented the minister, promising “permanent protection” for consumers electricity prices.

These negotiations between EDF and its sole shareholder “They were long, sometimes difficult, but they were successful,” Bruno Le Maire pointed out with a smile to EDF CEO Luc Rémont, who participated in this press event, which was also attended by Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher and his industry colleague, Roland Lescure.

Highlighting the massive electrification of usage, Bruno Le Maire indicated that “it is crucial for the consumer to have price stability”, ensuring that this will be “guaranteed” with this new agreement. At the end of these negotiations, the signed agreement “will also guarantee our compatriots the financing of our future investments, especially in new nuclear reactors.”

Maintain competitiveness

Another subject of attention is the competitiveness of the economy, and France is engaged in its reindustrialization. And here, Bruno Le Maire assured that “for companies, this agreement preserves our competitiveness”. He announced the extension of regulated prices to all very small enterprises from 2026

This agreement lays the foundations for future regulation of electricity prices, while current mechanism known as “Arenh », which benefits individual and industrial consumers, ends at the end of 2025. For industrialists who buy electricity two years in advance, it was urgently necessary to find a new framework.

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