this rule that will change from January 2024

LThe rule is changing and not everyone will like it. from 1this one January 2024, it will no longer be possible to pay for any food product with meal vouchers in the supermarket, as is the case now.

From now on, only direct consumption goods can be paid with a meal voucher provided by the employer. More specifically, restaurant vouchers will still be used to buy sandwiches, instant soups, and even canned goods and fruit. However, you will have to pay pastarice or even meat to cook with your own money.

This new rule is actually just a return of the old rule: the scope of items covered by meal vouchers has only been temporarily expanded, as part of the law of August 16, 2022 on the protection of electricity purchases. Article 6 of the Law stipulates that from 1this one October 2022 from December 31, 2023, “meal vouchers can be used to pay all or part of the price of any food product, regardless of whether it is directly consumed (meat, starchy food, frozen cooking products, etc.)”. Extraordinary regulations have been introduced in times of high inflation and which therefore ends in 2024.

Return to normal criticized

But for some, this return to the original rule is seen as a regrettable regression. “What do you prefer?” laconically asks the column published on the site Welcome to the jungle : “Take a formula specially designed to use the daily limit of your restaurant card and end up with a salad composed of products whose origin you do not know? Or buy for the same amount or almost, what cook meals in a few days and much tastier at home? ยป

Another new development that can be expected: The government plans to dematerialize all vouchers for restaurants by 2026. A development that presents advantages, such as the ability to pay the exact amount that corresponds to the purchase. On the other hand, the disappearance of paper titles limits the possibility of gifting them. A trap that some associations managed to avoid by partnering with applications for restaurant vouchers: this is how the Edenred application already gives its users the option of donating to the French Red Cross or still in the Cocagne network of food aid for the most deprived.

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