To counter Black Friday, AliExpress is extending its crazy deals by one day

Black Friday starts soon, but Singles Day is doing its thing for now. If the special sale ends in just a few days, it’s still possible to find gems at the online retailer despite increasingly frequent stock shortages.

In the same way as Black Friday, Singles Day is a special operation during which a lot of offers are put online. It’s easy to get lost, so we’ve compiled a list of the best tech deals in real time. This gives you an overview of the most attractive offers while avoiding the disappointment of being out of stock, here’s our pick.

How is this edition of Single Day on AliExpress going?

This year, AliExpress has decided that Single Day will take place from November 11 to 17, 2023. What makes it different from Amazon’s Black Friday is that the online retailer launches its own special event by revealing all its offers at the same time. . He did the same this time, so all the offers are here: until the end of the week, there will be new discounts.

During Single Day, AliExpress focuses its offer on products from the premium selection — this is the positioning of the event. Like Black Friday, this special operation only targets items with high potential, these can be top selling items or items that are newly available on the market. Therefore, the online retailer is obviously more relevant than the sale, because the latter is only interested in the end of stock or unsold items, the latest references are not entitled to discounts.

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In the face of Black Friday, Single Day presents itself as an excellent operation. If it is also premium, it is because it includes the references of many brands very popular in France. This Wednesday you still have the possibility to find little nuggets from Xiaomi, OnePlus, Poco, Google, Roborock or even Tineco.

When it comes to Asian brands, Black Friday can’t compete with Singles Day. Indeed, AliExpress counts on its privileged relationships with manufacturers, among other things because the online retailer and these players share a common origin. Therefore, the only one, even in November, can afford quick sales that reach -30% or -40%, even -50%.

Single Day, an increasingly popular event in France

Basically, Single Day was born in Asia about fifteen years ago. The Alibaba Group took over the event that was designed by the students, it was Singles Day which is celebrated on November 11 – a date that was chosen because of the sequence of numbers “1” which is a symbol of celibacy. This celebration therefore made its shy debut on AliExpress with special offers highlighted on this day.

Over time, the success of Single Day was exponential. On the one hand, it began to last several days instead of focusing on one day on November 11, which explains why this edition takes place from November 11 to 17, 2023. On the other hand, the special operation has spread more widely around the world to find a place in France 2017

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If Single Day continues to market itself in France, its global reputation is well established. And for good reason, it’s the biggest e-commerce event in the world to date. In addition, AliExpress is the only one participating because it is an operation of its owner, Alibaba. In order to gain popularity, the online retailer has been constantly improving its releases so that the next ones are more and more premium.

In France, AliExpress still has a good market position: it is part of the Top 5 most popular online retailers along with Amazon and its Black Friday. Undoubtedly, Single Day has its share of responsibility in the increasingly relevant growth of the e-commerce site.

How to use a day on AliExpress?

Single Day is a special operation that is open to everyone. The only rule that should not be ignored is speed. As during Black Friday, it is recommended to be quick, which is even more so today as the event ends soon and stock shortages at online retailers become more and more massive.

By the way, AliExpress ships the vast majority of products quickly and for free – regardless of whether Single Day is happening or not. He has several warehouses in France, hence this fast and free delivery since VAT is already included. Its entire catalog uses the manufacturer’s warranty of official brands, which represents two years when ordering a new smartphone.

With AliExpress, you have the right to a return period of 15 days. This withdrawal period is mandatory in France for all online merchants, so the e-commerce site complies with the rule. Two weeks after receiving the item you are free to return it for free and without proof if you don’t like it (or otherwise). You will then receive a full refund. In short, everything is ready for your business during this edition of Single Day.

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Check out the deals on AliExpress

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