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With the end of the holidays coming up, you’re bound to have a lot of shopping to do. And if you’re like most people now, it’s a safe bet that most of those purchases will be made online. However, this practice is not without risks. Indeed, on the Internet, your personal information is exposed, including your bank details.

Therefore, protecting them is essential to avoid becoming a victim of hacking. But rest assured, the process is very simple: you just need to use a VPN. And in this area, the best you can find is NordVPN, which we present to you below.

Superior online security provided by NordVPN

Why choose NordVPN to protect your online purchases? For many reasons. The first is that this editor secures your connection on several levels. On the one hand, it creates a VPN tunnel around your connection, protecting the data contained within it. On the other hand, it completely camouflages your IP address, which also gives away a lot of personal information.

This completely anonymous browsing will therefore prevent you from being a victim of hacking, espionage or even theft. But NordVPN goes further. Another reason why you should choose it for your online security (especially for your purchases) is that it offers tons of advanced options. We can mention for example Kill Switch, Double VPN or even the provider’s own threat protection.

Third valid reason: NordVPN is 100% log-free. This means that it does not store any information about you or your online activity, thus ensuring increased privacy. NordVPN is currently releasing its Black Friday special in preview. This includes a 63% discount and 3 free months on a two-year plan. You can therefore subscribe for 27 months at a discounted price of €80.73, which is the equivalent of just €2.99 per month.

Protect your purchases with NordVPN

All this without any technical manipulation

If you have never used a VPN, you may be hesitant to choose such software. But don’t worry about this: NordVPN is very easy to manipulate. To install it, you just have to download it from its official site or from your usual app store. Then you will be able to identify yourself and use it without delay.

By clicking on the desired server or on the “Quick Connect” option, the tool is activated. Now you’re protected and all you have to do is browse as usual, leaving the VPN running in the background. The settings are also simple and accessible, and NordVPN gives you maximum flexibility.

The software is actually installed on a computer (Windows, macOS, Linux), but also on smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android). NordVPN even has compatibility with major smart TVs and the most popular connected devices. It also fits on the router. In addition, a subscription with this provider gives you access to up to 6 simultaneous connections, as well as 24/7 technical support. So you can try it without fear

Try NordVPN

With optimal freedom of navigation as a bonus

If you’ve ever researched VPNs, you may have discovered that many internet users use them to access new content. And that’s actually within your reach with NordVPN. The provider has more than 5,800 servers worldwide. They cover a total of 60 countries to offer you maximum choice.

But how exactly does it work? By allowing you to connect to all these territories, NordVPN actually allows you to change your IP address. Therefore, you will be able to change your perceived location online, since it is your IP that gives it away. You will figure out the rest: by changing your virtual location, you will be able to fool the geolocation systems of targeted content and unblock foreign programs.

This works especially with Netflix, but also with the main IPTV channels (the best VPNs for IPTV), as well as for game servers or websites, among others. For greater efficiency, NordVPN even has stealth and fast servers, as well as unlimited bandwidth.

And all that is included in the publisher’s current offer. Note that NordVPN is running ahead of Black Friday, with 63% off and 3 months on offer on a two-year subscription. So you can subscribe for €80.73 for 27 months (€2.99 per month) and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Take advantage of the NordVPN offer

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