David Fincher in killer mode on Netflix 🎯


If the French public can still complain about his absence on the big screen (the rules are different regarding the broadcast of Netflix’s works in cinemas in the United States), the fact is that David Fincher feels at home on the streaming platform he has worked with since House of Cards. Netflix ©2023 Naturally, this … Read more

Daryl Dixon in Paris 🥐

The Walking Dead Critique Daryl Dixon

From an immediate favorite to a production as zombified as a monster that features, The walking dead is undoubtedly one of the biggest television phenomena of the last decade. Robert Kirkman’s adaptation of the comic won over with its approach to the post-apocalyptic story, its characters and its radicality. Under the auspices of Kirkman and … Read more

nice little nap? 🐻

Adaptation Five Nights

Blumhouse’s mathematical formula is simple: produce more with less to earn more to produce more. To put it simply, a bunch of small, low-budget horror movies fill theaters or streaming platforms, raking in a bunch of greenbacks that then make it possible to finance more substantial films. Does it work? Five Nights at Freddy’s it … Read more