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Live Jdg Aliexpress Single Day 2023

[ad_1] An exceptional live performance awaits us this Monday, November 13. In partnership with AliExpress, we happily celebrated Singles’ Day. This e-commerce event from China is now as unavoidable and important as the famous Black Friday. For more than an hour, we presented more than 10 technological products available from the Chinese seller that made … Read more

Researchers identify 14 ‘evolutionary traps’ that threaten humanity

Pièges évolutifs

[ad_1] For the first time, researchers have applied the concept of an evolutionary trap to all human populations. This work, quite abstract and exploratory, nevertheless made it possible to reach several very interesting conclusions; Researchers have identified 14 evolutionary dead ends that could one day land humanity in a very difficult situation. This concept of … Read more

archaeologists discover an unknown multi-thousand-year-old language


[ad_1] Archaeologists recently made a startling discovery among the ruins Hattusthe ancient capital of the empire Hittite it is located in today’s Turkey. There they found thousands of ancient engraved clay tablets, including one particularly remarkable one. It actually contains written text cuneiform which according to the researchers written in an ancient language never documented … Read more

After 5 face transplants, this surgeon has just successfully performed his first eye transplant

Chirurgie Greffe Oeil Medecine

[ad_1] On May 27, the medical teams of Langone Health in New York successfully performed one of the most technical operations in the history of medicine. An eye transplant, along with reconnection to the central nervous system. This is simply the first time such an operation has been successful. Although the operation has not yet … Read more

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Bon Plan CyberGhost

[ad_1] If VPNs have been so successful in recent years is that they have many advantages. They ensure your online security, allow you to unlock new content, are easy to use… And in the case of CyberGhost, an exclusive promotion is the highlight of it all. Because yes, the publisher decided not to wait for … Read more

this algorithm can prevent thousands of heart attacks

IA Crise Cardiaque

[ad_1] With approx 18 million victims per yearcardiovascular diseases are leading causes of premature death on a global scale, far ahead of cancer and diseases of the respiratory system. Most of these deaths are the result of a heart attack or stroke. Finding ways to prevent them is therefore a top public health priority. And … Read more