After 5 face transplants, this surgeon has just successfully performed his first eye transplant

Chirurgie Greffe Oeil Medecine

On May 27, the medical teams of Langone Health in New York successfully performed one of the most technical operations in the history of medicine. An eye transplant, along with reconnection to the central nervous system. This is simply the first time such an operation has been successful. Although the operation has not yet allowed … Read more

save more than 80% on your subscription

Bon Plan CyberGhost

If VPNs have been so successful in recent years is that they have many advantages. They ensure your online security, allow you to unlock new content, are easy to use… And in the case of CyberGhost, an exclusive promotion is the highlight of it all. Because yes, the publisher decided not to wait for Black … Read more

this algorithm can prevent thousands of heart attacks

IA Crise Cardiaque

With approx 18 million victims per yearcardiovascular diseases are leading causes of premature death on a global scale, far ahead of cancer and diseases of the respiratory system. Most of these deaths are the result of a heart attack or stroke. Finding ways to prevent them is therefore a top public health priority. And that’s … Read more

The state and EDF agree on the price of nuclear electricity

Lat the end of long negotiations. This Tuesday, November 14, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maireannounced the conclusion of an agreement between the State and EDF. The two players reached an agreement guaranteeing the average cost of nuclear electricity. According to the tenant Bercy, it will be installed “around 70 euros” per … Read more

Hollywood is choking on a mountain of debt

Lstrike of actors and screenwriters he ended up in Hollywood. Not the headaches of American studies. Last week Warner Bros. Discovery Group has admitted it will not be able to meet its debt repayment targets, despite historical success of the film Barbie. It reached… 43 billion dollars (40 billion euros) at the end of September … Read more