Boeing presented at the Dubai Air Show

PAfter a wave of closures due to Covid, the global air show cycle is regaining its rhythm with, in even years, London-Farnborough and Singapore, and in odd years, Paris-Le Bourget at the beginning of summer and Dubai in the fall. The latter vintage of 2023, which is being held at the Dubai World Center at … Read more

Researchers identify 14 ‘evolutionary traps’ that threaten humanity

Pièges évolutifs

For the first time, researchers have applied the concept of an evolutionary trap to all human populations. This work, quite abstract and exploratory, nevertheless made it possible to reach several very interesting conclusions; Researchers have identified 14 evolutionary dead ends that could one day land humanity in a very difficult situation. This concept of an … Read more

archaeologists discover an unknown multi-thousand-year-old language


Archaeologists recently made a startling discovery among the ruins Hattusthe ancient capital of the empire Hittite it is located in today’s Turkey. There they found thousands of ancient engraved clay tablets, including one particularly remarkable one. It actually contains written text cuneiform which according to the researchers written in an ancient language never documented in … Read more

France Inter on top, RTL reports, Europe 1 is breathing

against’It’s time to review the beginning of the school year for French radio stations. Like elementary school students who have grades at grade level, they were measured by the Médiamétrie institute in September and October. This year, radio stations were very active on the transfer market, the media “mercat”. Under the guidance of its director, … Read more